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Best Welcome Bonus

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What is the best welcome bonus for you? 

It can be difficult to get a full overview of which online  casinos  in 2020 will give you the welcome bonus that you get the most out of. Because there are different types of players, there are also different bonuses to pick up. Some  casinos even  let you choose the welcome bonus themselves, it shows that they really know how to treat their Norwegian players, when they offer such a unique opportunity. 

We have articles with lists of all types of bonuses, it is free spins that turn you on, we have a site with  casino with the most free spins ,  if it is overall the best welcome bonus you are looking for. That is, good and big match bonus on several deposits with lots of free spins with the purchase, then it is the  Best  Casino online article  you should read through.   

We who are real  GambleGuys , we know that Norwegian players are sometimes looking for a specific type of bonus. What you are frustratedly looking for on the diversity of  casino blogs out there is often the best match bonus for larger deposits, or for the highest match percentage on small deposits. That’s  exactly  why you come to us, we have taken the liberty of summarizing and serving you the best online  casinos  when it comes to just these two types of bonuses.  


Casino with high sums on the mach bonuses

It can vary how much you have to play for, if you intend to bet big to deposit a few thousand, it would have been nice to get a mach bonus on the entire amount, not just parts of what you intend to play for. The higher the bet the higher the prizes, or  what? 

Here will be a couple   of online casinos that stand out in particular. We can mention Vegas  Dream , Jackpot  Village  and High Roller  casino  as the ones that give match bonus on the highest amounts over multiple deposits right now.


High roller  casino

It’s in the name,  High roller casino  is for those who have a little to deal with when they play. They can tempt with a staggering welcome bonus of up to 100% match bonus of between 4 and 10,000 kroner. This means that you can get twice as much to play for, up to 10,000 kroner. After your first deposit, you will also be offered a 50% match bonus on three more deposits.  


Dream  Vegas

It may seem like a dream, because  Dream  Vegas casino  takes it all a step further, they have the biggest welcome bonus we have seen in a long time. Up to an incredible 25,000 kroner you can deposit and get a 200% match bonus, it will give you 75,000 thousand kroner to play for, you do not have to deposit the maximum. From 200 kroner and up you get this incredible welcome bonus. But it does not stop there, you get good match bonuses on second and third deposits, also here on larger amounts.   


Jackpot  Village

Another  casino  that boasts a powerful welcome bonus is Jackpot  Village , they give you a match bonus of up to NOK 5,000 of as much as 200%. A little simple mental calculation tells us that it will give 15,000 kroner to play for. Jackpot  Village also  strikes with the match bonus on your second and third  deposit  and you can get a maximum of 18,000 kroner extra to play for if you take full advantage of the welcome bonus.  


Get more for smaller, high percentages on match bonuses.

You may often want to enjoy a little   online casino , but you do not have all the world to spend. It is especially when this is the case that one would like to find an  online casino  that offers you a higher match bonus than you get from most on larger sums. How about depositing a hundred kroner, and you get 600 kroner to play for? That corresponds to a match bonus of 500%. 

The online  casinos  that excel at offering a high percentage of their match bonus to new players, but preferably not much more in the welcome bonus, we will now take a closer look at. Ideal for those who want a cozy moment that lasts a long time, without the pleasure to enjoy too much. Here are the online casinos that give you a high percentage on smaller sums.


Casumo casino 

Here you get exactly what we have mentioned as an example of such a more for less bonus. If you deposit 100 kroner on asumo  after you have registered, you will get 600 kroner in total to play for, 500% in match bonus. Here you do not get any offer of additional  deposit bonus  or free spins, but they can lure free ” chillelongs “, this is thus a green  Underwear Pants  with stylish pattern that you can use when you need to  chill  and play. 


Rizk casino 

This is a  casino  that offers a number of exciting  features  that can give you fun prizes, such as their  wheel of Rizk . They also have a very good welcome bonus that gives you more for less, here you have to deposit 200 kroner, but in return get 1000 kroner to play for, it is a match bonus of as much as 400%. Even if you have to deposit 200 kroner, it will be well worth it, as there will be 100 free spins on the purchase in addition to the match bonus.  


Wild Jackpots

If you have a few hundred bucks more to play for, you can get a match bonus of 200% at Wild Jackpots casino  of up to 500 kroner. If you are going to play for the maximum sum of 500, you will get 1500 kroner to use, it should give you a good deal of spins on your favorite slot machines, you also get 30 free spins on Book  of  Dead, it also helps to give you a nice game session. 


Some info about Terms and Conditions

As a new player, you will always get a good offer, and that is it, even if there are rules and conditions that must be followed. After all, there is a lot of free bonus money and free spins. It would not work if there were no certain requirements that had to be met before you could collect the bonus as real money. The goal is to withdraw real money, not have a lot of bonus money lying in the account. You can’t do that either, strictly speaking. There will without exception be a time limit on how long you have to meet the requirements that are set.  

You can get 3-4 weeks to trade the bonus money the number of times required, or a shorter period. This is one of the reasons why it is incredibly important that you read carefully through all the terms and conditions that apply to the bonus you receive. Just imagine, you get a thousand bucks in bonus and play a little every day. You check the progress on your account, soon at the finish you think, suddenly the money is gone. The deadline expired. 

We GambleGuys want to  avoid you getting caught up in such situations  , so we give you information about the periods you have to meet the turnover requirements in our reviews, but still. We can not fail to note that it is very important for you as a player to familiarize yourself with the rules and  conditions  yourself, there will almost always be a link you can click on under the bonus offer so you can read all information before accepting offer.

Wagering requirements

Betting requirements are right to delete how many times you have to bet the money you have received in the bonus before they are converted into real money, it is common with a turnover requirement of 30-40 times. Some online casinos are below 20-30 while others are up to 40-60 times the bonus amount. It can also vary from offer to offer at a  casino , so you need to pay close attention to this.  

Let’s look at a scenario. You have registered at a new  online casino . You checked out the rules and found that you had to wager the deposit bonus of 2500 kroner 30 times. It worked out well, you managed the rate requirement in just ten days and could withdraw 1650 kroner in real money to your account. Satisfied with the  casino you come back and find a new campaign that you can now use as an existing customer. You get a 200% match bonus if you deposit 100 kroner on Tuesdays, it says, so good! After a while, you think you are in port, you have sold 30 times, you think, is at 650 kroner and think you can take it all out. Here you get a surprise, there is a stash requirement of x60 on this deposit bonus. You can still end up with money in the bank, but it’s a little uncomfortable when you thought you were at the finish line. If you familiarize yourself with the terms before any bonus, you will always have clear expectations of what is required to meet the requirements. 

As a loyal player at a  casino  you will get a number of offers and often a loyalty program or VIP program you can get extra bonuses and free spins via. Even if there are rules and conditions, you get lots of extra fun with good chances of turning a nice bonus into real money you can spend on what you want.

The order the money is used

It will almost always be the case that you spend real money before you play with bonus money. That is, if you deposit 100 kroner and get 600 kroner in total to play for, the first 100 that are real money will be used before you start playing for the bonus money. What does that mean for you? 

Should you be someone who has beginner luck with you and wins big on the first  hundred  in this case, you win 2000 kroner and see yourself happy with this. You want to secure the win and make a withdrawal. You will hopefully get a warning, it will tell you that you will lose your bonus money if you make the withdrawal. This will be explained in detail in the terms and conditions. 

Once you have used your real money, no luck. This is when you can really take advantage of the deposit bonus. You get a whole new chance to win big, you have received a 100% match bonus, you have as much as you put in to play for again. If there is a bigger mach bonus out there, you can play for many times more than the original amount.

Rules to follow

When playing with bonus money, there will be rules you must follow in addition to the terms you have already accepted to receive the bonus. One of the rules will be in relation to the bet per game, or line. Let’s say you used a welcome offer that gives you a 200% mach bonus of 500 kroner. You have played for the 500 kroner you deposited, now you intend to bet all the bonus money at once, let it carry or burst. It will probably break the rules of the bonus. If you bet 1000 kroner in bonus money on a spin, it does not help if you win 50 kroner or 20,000 – You will lose the entire bonus and have your account closed. Of course you read through everything, so you know if the maximum bet per spin is 20 or 50 kroner. If you follow the rules, you can, with some time and effort, turn the bonus into real money that you can withdraw to your bank account.


What counts against the requirements?

One thing you will notice when you read through the requirements is that not all slot machines and games always count towards the wagering requirement. You will usually get a message when you try to open the slot machine that it is not possible to play with bonus money on the slot machine in question, so there is usually nothing you can do wrong to be locked out, but it may be okay. to go through the list of games that can not be used, to see that your favorites are not on it, just so you know. Gamble Guys want you to know about this, so we list the games that do not count in our reviews. It is worth noting that table games often only give 5-10% against the wagering requirement. So it pays to spend real money on table games, if that’s what you like best. Then you can rather use the bonus on slot machines if you have not been lucky, maybe you will end up winning a progressive jackpot and many millions.


Is it automatic?

It varies greatly how it works in practice, to receive the bonus at an online  casino  . Some do it completely automatically, others want you to go to your profile or account and activate the bonus. One must be aware that some  casinos  require you to enter a bonus code when you make a deposit, forgetting this you will lose the bonus. If the  casino has  a good customer service, they can often arrange this for you, if you chat with them right away, without spending any of the money you have deposited, but they may be very strict, so make sure you check you enter code or not before pressing make deposit. 

Not everyone wants a bonus, for them it is an advantage that you have to use a code or activate the bonus, then they can just leave. If the bonus comes automatically, you must contact customer service to have it removed. 

Deposit bonus usually comes with deposit, or when it has been activated. Otherwise, free spins often come in pools. You get a little when you make the deposit so some free spins every day going forward, until it’s over.

Bonuses provide extra opportunities for big wins

Bonus is bonus, an extra chance to win prizes. Once you have played up your bonus amount, the excitement increases, everything you have won must now be wagered over and over again until the wager requirements have been met. Hours of gaming entertainment as you watch you approach your goal, how much do you have in the end? You must not withdraw when your bonus has been converted into real money, then you can bet as much or as little as you want, when you want and can withdraw the winnings exactly when you want. 

Find a  casino  with a generous welcome bonus now, and you can enjoy beyond the small hours of bonus and free spins.

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