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Casino check – everyone’s nightmare

GambleGuys is the site that we have built for you, and we can very proudly say that we feel we have built up to be one of the largest sites in Norway when it comes to information about all the different casinos that you can find.

It’s not just about talking about which casinos are there, no, we thought that was not good enough. We had to tell you a little more than that, which is also why we have chosen to put so much more into the articles that we post on our site. And the very best thing is that we keep nothing secret from you, if we feel you need to know, we will tell you about it.

It may be very reassuring to know when it comes to scams, because as we know there are many who try to trick you online. And that, of course, is a big concern when it comes to online casinos. Therefore, we can tell you that we try as best we can and only offer you casinos that are safe to play at, and so far we have only done this.

We put a lot of work into the surveys that we do when it comes to the different casinos and whether it is safe to open a player account and player account at that casino.

How we investigate the casinos

What you think when you hear this is maybe, how do we manage to do this? And let’s tell you, we do not intend to keep it a secret at all, in fact we are very honest about it.

· We look at whether and what licenses the casino holds

· How they take responsible gaming, and whether they tell players about this anywhere in the casino and how they have guidelines for just this

· Whether their bets are fair, and with 100 & random results – independent of regulators

· How they process personal information – privacy is something that is very important and we can not let anyone not take it as seriously as what it is

· What methods they offer their players to use at the casino for deposits and withdrawals, this is very important. We do not recommend casinos that do not offer secure payment methods

· Whether there is encrypted communication between player and casino

The security of the casino is very important, if it is not a safe casino then you should not play at this casino either. There is a large selection of safe casinos that you can find, so there is no need to gamble at casinos that you do not feel safe at.

As a rule of thumb we always tend to say, if something feels wrong, then there is probably something wrong too, it is better to be careful, than afterwards wise.

We try and do our very best to help you through the points mentioned above, but it is your money and information that you should give away, so you are the boss of what is best for you.

How we control online casinos

The very first thing we look at before we investigate the casino carefully, when it comes to fraud, is the company’s public information. For casinos that have nothing to hide, you will find this information easily available on their website. The first warning signal that should go off with you is if you do not find this information on their site.

After we have looked at this information, and thought that this is information that holds and seems legal and credible, then we will continue our investigation of the casino.

We make sure that all the games offered on their site are fair, that the players are not fooled by predetermined outcomes from the casino. This is the worst scam that exists right now, “casinos” that pre-determined their games so that they win more money.

Then we go down the list that we stated earlier in this article. As I said, responsible gaming is also very important. But what you have to keep in mind is that responsible gaming does not just go one way. It is not only the casino that can insure responsible gaming for the player, this is something that you must be actively involved in yourself.

After we have researched the casino and its website, we will move on to search around the large internet community. There will always be someone who writes recommendations or maybe not so nice messages about the casino. We read the ones we come across, and then we will write about the casino here. If we feel that they do not treat their players well enough, then this is something we will say about.

Blacklist of casinos

A blacklist of casinos is probably something you have heard of before, nor is it something you should overlook. If a casino has been blacklisted, you need to find out why they were blacklisted.

We are working on preparing a blacklist ourselves, where we will state which casinos are not worth your time, which do not seem like a safe casino. When it’s done, you’ll find it right here, and we hope you take this list seriously. We will not set up casinos there for nothing.

Checked online casinos for scams

Below you will be able to find casinos that we have made sure are safe to play at, and if you are nervous about the countless casinos that you find on the market, you can safely give one of these casinos a chance, we promise you that not going to experience any kind of scams at any of these casinos.

There is nothing more boring than experiencing casino scams. Yes, we know, scams are never fun, but just imagine yourself trying and playing and having fun, but someone has a completely different plan. This is exactly why we spend as much time as we do, to make sure you do not experience fraud at any of the casinos that we recommend to you.

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