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Casino games that can be found in online casinos

You might be wondering which games you will find when playing at an online casino in 2020? There’s a large variety of casinos available online and there’s also a whole range of different types of games to choose from. If you find an online casino that you like you can register immediately, make a deposit and take advantage of the welcome bonus. It isn’t that hard to find a casino and register, the hard part is to find which games to play once you have made your deposit. Which games are the best for you?

Luckily you usually don’t have to try games with real money just to find out what they’re all about. Most games can be tried in a demo mode, which is absolutely free. This works with play money and gives you the opportunity to play as much as you want just for fun. Of course this means that you can’t win real money either, so after trying it out for a while and you’ve found out how it works you can start playing with real money as well.

We want to mention that there’s no way to try live games in the demo version, you need to play with real money to play against the live dealer and other players. 

If you want to practice table games it can be done in the regular casino section, with the computerized table games of Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Poker and others. If you’re already a skilled poker player you can head straight to the live casino to experience the thrill of playing with real money against a real live dealer which issues real cards there and then. If you feel like trying Baccarat you don’t need to go to the live casino and use your hard-earned cash, head over to the regular casino section and choose a Baccarat table game in its demo mode for free. When you feel like you’ve gotten to know the game well enough, then you can head back to the live section and start playing with real money to try to get some real wins!

In this way you can use the demo mode of table games to get ready for the live action in the live casinos. But you can also choose to play the regular table games with real money as well, the choice is all yours.

There’s another type of game that can’t be played in demo mode as well, and that is odds. This means sports betting on real matches and tournaments in all kinds of sports, as well as e-sports. If you want to try betting on sports for free you can find a casino which offers virtual sports. Mr Green is one of the casinos which has a great range of those games to try for free.

All other games used to have the option to be played for free in demo mode. However there are some variants that can’t be played in demo mode, like Keno in some online casinos. Otherwise there’s a demo mode available for most games, such as table games, virtual games as well as slot machines, Keno and instant wins, which is called scratchcards in some countries. As you can see that’s a lot of casino games that you can try for free!

In this article we at SlotAgents will take a closer look on the different casino games you might stumble across in online casinos. We will tell you the basics of the different games and if you want to know more about them you’ll find separate articles for each of them. 

At any online casino the largest department will always be slot machines. You’ll find hundreds, if not thousands, of slots from a wide range of game developers. This is because most players love to see the reels spin, waiting for them to stop and show a lot of matching symbols on the paylines. Players really love slot machines, maybe because some of us have seen them in malls, restaurants or gas stations. Now they can be experienced in a whole lot of casinos online. For this reason we will cover the slot section extra well for all of you!


Why should you play at an online casino?

It’s not every country that has land-based casinos, and even if your country might have it they might be far from where you’re located. Some of you might be able to find them in restaurants or gas stations, but it isn’t always a nice location to sit and spin on a slot machine. There’s also the option to play at a land-based casino when you’re on vacation in places such as Monte Carlo and Malta, but there’s no way you can be on holiday all year around. 

This is how online casinos come into the picture, they give you the opportunity to play the best casino games 2020 wherever you want and whenever you want. No matter if you’re in bed, in your garden or in the bus you can enjoy some casino entertainment. 

At the online casinos we recommend you can play safe, legally and on a large selection of different casino games. If you’re looking for casino games with good odds you should check out their RTP. This means return to player and it’s about how much you win per 100 dollars. The best casino games offer an RTP from 95 to 98 %, which means that you win 95-98 dollars for every 100 dollar bill you play for.

With the generous welcome bonuses you find on various online casinos when you register then there’s no doubt that it’s a better choice than the old slot machines at restaurants, gas stations or other boring places. You will get much more money to play for and much more fun if you find the best online casino 2020 from our top list and register to play there.

Slot machines at online casinos

If you haven’t tried an online casino yet then you’re probably wondering which slot machines you’ll come across there. If you remember the old machines in malls and gas stations you’ll probably remember that they were about jokers and jackpots. It was always the court jester which gave the big jackpot in the game, and sometimes stars and 7 numbers also gave big wins. If you feel nostalgic you’ll find classic slot machines such as Super Joker, Jackpot 6000, Jackpot Jester and many more at online casinos in 2020. 

When the nostalgia has passed it’s time to move on to some brand new online casino games. In those you get to play on more than just 3 to 10 lines like in the classic ones. However some popular, new slot machines still have 10 lines, such as Starburst and Book of Dead.

Many slot machines offer either 20 or 25 lines, those are the so-called standard slot machines. They can have various bonuses and free spin features in addition to the pay lines. Some exciting 20-25 line slot machines also offer great progressive jackpots. Among the most famous and popular slots you will find names such as Bloodsuckers, Gonzo’s Quest and Big Bad Wolf.

The more lines the more wins, which means even more fun! If you’re not satisfied with 20-25 lines there are a lot of slot machines with 30-50 lines as well. Among those you will find exciting machines like Anaconda Wild, Irish Luck and Justice League. 

However some slot machines go completely off the rails when it comes to pay lines. In those all the combinations will pay off! These slots have between three and seven reels which gives you either 243, 720, 1024 or 3125 ways to win. Some of those games are Wild Toro, Wisps and Reindeer Wild Wins.

The most extreme slot machines you will come across, at least when it comes to ways to win, are probably the ones that use Megaways. In those there are no fixed number of lines or ways to win, instead each spin will have a unique number of ways to win! The way this is done is that the symbols will change size, on some reels you can get 3-4 large symbols, while other reels can have 10 or more symbols! On a Megaways slot you can win in a maximum of 117,000 different ways. Over 70 slot machines from different game developers offer the Megaways feature, and more are being developed as we speak. Some popular Megaways slot machines are Irish Riches, 88 Fortunes and Rick & Morty, the latter based on the popular cartoon series found on Netflix.

In addition to all these different slot machines you’ll also find a number of different slot machines, which have their very own layouts and features. You can choose from thousands of slot machines. If you’re interested in trying out a slot machine with your field of interest or favorite movie or tv series as a theme, you will most likely find at least one of those available. Take a look at our list of the latest online casinos if you wish to see the reels spin now!


Blackjack is the most played game at online casinos, apart from slot machines. If you love Blackjack and want to try out the card game you will find a large range of different variants in the table section at several online casinos. If you prefer playing with real people you always have the possibility to try Live Blackjack, with a real dealer behind the table handing out real cards to you as well as the other players. Live casino games can only be played with real money, so if you wish to try Blackjack for free you should head to the table games section first to practice.

Blackjack was invented in France in the early 19th century. The rules are very simple and all players can learn how to play this game in 10 minutes or even less. It’s probably because of its simplicity to learn that many people play this game. 

To explain it in a simple way: You play against the dealer (the casino) and you’ll both receive two cards each. The point of the game is to get as close to, or get, 21 points without going over this value. The one who’s closest to the value is the winner of the round, it’s as easy as that! 


Baccarat is another popular table game to be found at online casinos, and it’s quite similar to Blackjack. The biggest difference is that in Baccarat you should get as close to 9 as you can, not 21 as in Blackjack. In Baccarat you don’t have to think about strategy as in many other games, because it’s a game based on luck and that’s all you need to know. 

When it’s time to place your bet in Baccarat you will be dealt two cards, then you’ll have three choices on how to bet. The options are:

  • Your hand

  • Dealer’s hand

  • Tie

If you guess correctly you will win real money, isn’t that great? You don’t even have to bet on your own cards if you don’t want to! Before betting real money you can try table games in demo mode for free. Baccarat is also available in several live casinos if you want a real casino atmosphere when playing table games online.


Anyone who’s a little bit familiar with the casino world will know what a Roulette game is. It is one of the most popular games that you can find at casinos online. You bet on colors and numbers, then the wheel spins, the ball is released and the winnings lie where the ball stops. Every other pocket on the wheel is red and black, except for the one which is green and has the number 0. If you bet on that one and have luck you can win the big win, but with 35 other numbers present on the wheel the odds on that outcome aren’t very high. Luckily you can bet on different number combinations or a color before you place a daring bet on 0.

Your choices are many when playing Roulette, so it pays out to read through the rules of the game before you start playing it. It’s not that it’s a difficult game, but you must understand which bets you can place before you start playing.

Roulette has many different versions for you to try, both as a table game and in the live casino section. If you want to see a real ball bounce around on the wheel then Live-casino is the right place for you.


If there’s another game that’s very popular to play at an online casino it’s the game Craps. As it’s a dice game it’s a little different from which other games you find at online casinos. When you first take a look at the game it might seem complicated and difficult, but it’s not as difficult as it first seems.

It’s pretty simple and easy, you bet and guess which result the dice will show. For example you can bet that the dice show 7, it can be different combinations and you don’t have to bet on a certain combination. 

Poker,  holdem  and all other variants. 

For those of you who like poker games, you will definitely love video poker. It’s kind of a slot machine version of Poker, which means the best of both worlds. It’s also one of the games where you can use strategies in order to win, if you’re among those who believe strategies can help you. Here you’ll find all kinds of Poker that you can think of, and probably some that you haven’t even heard of before. The most popular one will most likely be Texas Hold’em.

Poker can also be found in Live Casinos. There you’ll play against the house, which is represented by the dealer, along with other players. If you want to swap digital cards to win real money then Live-Casino Poker is definitely something for you.


This game hasn’t been on the market for a long time, at least not as a casino gamo. Most players will fall for the game once they try it out for the first time. It’s a bit like Lotto, so if you like that kind of game you’ll also like Keno. 

Even though it hasn’t been in the casino market for a long time, it’s an ancient Chinese game that takes place on a game board with 80 numbers. As a player you choose 2 to 10 of these numbers. When the game begins 20 random numbers are drawn and the more of those numbers you have the more you will win. It’s simple and easy and all depends on luck. You can’t use any strategy to win more often in Keno.

Many online casinos will offer one or more versions of Keno for you to play. Some offer a demo version that can be played for free, but not all of the casinos offer that. In those cases you have to play with real money from the start and since there are no strategies to learn to improve your odds you won’t gain much from playing for free anyways. It’s amazing to feel the mood rise when the numbers we’ve chosen gets drawn, because we might end up with huge winnings which are paid out in real money.



Bingo is a game that everyone knows, no matter if they’ve played at a casino before or not. It’s perhaps best known from churches or other premises where you find bingo sheets and many markers, then there’s someone drawing the numbers from a ball that’s spun around and shouting them out for everyone to hear. 

When it comes to a Bingo game, it consists of a game board that has 25 numbers in each of the squares. They call it a “bong”, and it has 25 numbers on 5 horizontal rows. Large bongs have 75 numbers, and 3 squares which have 5 horizontal rows each. You have to match the numbers that they call out and if you get all the numbers in a row you’ll win a prize, if you get 2 rows then the winnings are even bigger etc.. If you fill the whole board then you have to shout out “BINGO”, and you’ll win the biggest win available in the game.

Scratchcard, Instant  wins

Most people know about scratch cards, in most countries you’ll find them in the shops. There are many different scratch cards to be found online as well, however sometimes they’re called instant wins. You can find different types of the scratchcards and you’ll choose whether you want to scratch everything at once or use the mouse to scratch little by little to hold the tension a while longer. Most of the time these scratch cards are available in demo mode for free as well, for you to be able to try it out to see whether it’s a game you want to bet your real money on.

Virtual sport 

In 2020 you have the possibility to play sports which is a casino game as well. You can choose to play virtual sports where the matches take place in a computer game. You’ll not control the players, but you can bet on the outcome of the match. Among the available virtual sports you’ll find football, dog races, horse races and more. The advantage of playing this kind of sport is that you don’t need to depend on something happening in the world. You can bet at a horse race even when no horse races take place and you can either watch the race or click to get the result directly. At most casinos you can try virtual games for free in a demo mode. All of the above are some of the best and most modern casino games to be found at online casinos in 2020

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