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 Of course, you get the very best  casino experience at a proper land-based  casino . Some of you may have visited a  casino  on vacation? The most famous places you will find land-based  casinos  are the USA, with Las Vegas, in Europe it is probably Monte Carlo that is best known for having  casinos , as seen in many a James Bond movie. Personally, I visited several land-based  casinos  when I was studying in Australia, nothing compares to the feeling of stepping into a large  casino venue. Only  there you get a complete  casino  experience, but since there are no opportunities for this in Norway, it is possible to play on Norske Live  Casinos  in a close second place. 

This is because those of us who live in Norway have to travel far to experience this. In Norway, there is no land-based  casino , the state has decided we do not need it, instead you are forced to sit on a stiff stool at a gas station or kiosk to play boring slot machines with bad winning odds. Then it is better to log on to a Norwegian  casino  online, where you will often find a Live-Casino department that can give you about the same excitement a land-based casino can.

Norwegian  online casinos  offer the newest and best slot machines, as well as large progressive  jackpots  and lots of bonus offers and VIP programs for Norwegian players. This way you can play wherever you want, on the bus and when you are in line, at home on the sofa or easy chair. Not only can you experience real excitement at slot machines, video poker and other table games. You can play Live-Casino with other players and a real  dealer  on the  floor . It’s all  streamed  directly to you in HD or 4K.  

You might think that it can be difficult to follow the games at a Live-Casino when the  dealer  speaks English? That it might be best to stick to the usual table games you find. Do not be afraid, because the great demand for Live-Casino games from Norwegian players has led Norwegian online casinos  to bring in Norwegian Live  Casino  dealers . At most Norwegian  online casinos  you can therefore play with other Norwegian players and understand everything the  dealer  says to you, what is extra fun at Live-Casino is that you can talk to the other players as well. At the best Norwegian live  casinos you will find more live games with Norwegian dealers. This provides a really realistic casino experience when you play at home in your own living room. If you have a flat screen, we recommend SlotAgents to connect to a laptop or PC with an HDMI cable, or you can send it to a TV from an  iPad  or other tablet with Chromecast. Live Casino on the big screen, it gives a good atmosphere there.

The games you find at  Norwegian live casinos 

At Norwegian Live Casinos you will be able to find all the well-known and beloved  casino games you know from before, as well as a few more. The vast majority of Norwegian Live-Casino has variants of  Roulette  games,  Blackjack  games, Baccarat and Texas  Hold’em . There are also a number of other games to choose from, there are several reel games, such as the May 17 raffle, only that here you can win big cash prizes instead of a pack of chips or a  nile  vase. We will go through all the games you find at Norwegian Live Casinos in more detail so that you know what to expect when you first try your hand at the best Live casino 2020. If you find a game you like below, you can read more about that game in our in-depth article that covers everything that has to do with rules and how to play, as well as an explanation of all the different variants of the game.  

Live Roulette 

When you play live Roulette  you will be able to see a wheel on the screen, the  dealer  stands there and sends the ball out on the spinning wheel. You will have a digital table in front of you on the screen where you choose and place your bet. You will usually have a chat on one of the pages where you can write to both the  dealer  and the other players, the  dealer  will have a form next to the camera so that he or she can answer the players orally. That’s the layout of Live Roulette . But how do you play the game itself? Let’s look at the rules and how the game itself takes place.  

It can possibly look a bit sophisticated when you first take a look, many things to choose from when placing a bet. Actually, the game is very simple and you will quickly learn which choices and bets you should choose.  

The roulette  wheel consists of pockets  numbered from 0 to 36. Every other square is black and red, in addition to this you will find a green pocket, it is numbered 0 (zero). Where the numbers are placed on the cave varies according to which variant of  roulette  you play. The ball bounces around while the wheel spins, hitting pockets and the sloping side of the wheel before finally landing in a pocket, it is the color and the number that pays off. 

You must choose to finish your bet before the wheel starts spinning. You can bet on colors you can then choose to bet on black, red or green. You can choose a series of numbers that you think may be one of the numbers that the ball will land on, you can choose odd or even numbers, or if you are really tough you can choose to put your money on a single number. 

It is something that is very simple, all you need to choose is either color, a number or maybe you choose a predetermined combination of different numbers. Then the  dealer will  call out “ place your  bets” This is your chance to put your bet where you want, then the wheel will be spun and a white ball will be dropped on the wheel. It is always sent in the opposite direction of the wheel in which it spins. Then everyone just has to wait for the wheel to stop, and then see in which pocket the ball has landed.   

If you want to learn more about how this popular  casino  game works, if everyone wins the combinations and strategies for winning at the different  Roulette  variants, you can read more about Live  Roulette  here. 

When you play at Norwegian  casino  live, you have to play with real money. There is no possibility to try the game in the demo version, it happens directly with other players, so it would be completely wrong for those who play for real if it were to mix play money in. Fortunately, you can practice  Roulette  in the  casino  department before trying Live Roulette . There you will find table games that you can use in demo mode, and play for play money. Then you can learn the game better and find out which version of  Roulette  you want to play. Here on our blog you will find lots of reviews of Norwegian  online casinos , where you can find the  best live  casino 2020 for you as a Norwegian player.

Live- Blackjack 

Another game that is very popular among us Norwegians when we play at online Live Casino is  Blackjack . This is perhaps one of the easiest card games to learn, it’s simply about getting, or getting as close to 21 as possible.  

You play at the same time as other players, but only play against the “house” via the  dealer . This is where Live-Casino makes the game much more exciting. Instead of getting cards on the table digitally from the video  blackjack  table game, the  dealer deals  out real cards and puts them on the table for you. You get possible bets on the screen and choose what you want to bet. Easily. Another thing that makes Live Blackjack  so good is the social. You will not find any small talk if you play a regular table game. This is what makes casino games so fun, it is social at the same time as you get good entertainment and the chance to win real money. You can also write with the others who play against the same  dealer like you, they get after all the same hand to play against as you.  

You: Imagine that the dealer was busted! I was sure he would get 21!  

Another player: Yes, think we won at 17 both, great.   

If you are not familiar with  Blackjack  you can read more about the card game in our  Blackjack  strategy article. When you know the rules and how to play, you can use the table game variant in demo mode first so you are sure that you do not make any beginner mistakes when playing against a  dealer  with real money at  Norwegian  casino  live.

Live- Baccarat 

This may be a game that is not so familiar to everyone. You may be playing poker and  blackjack  with a friend for fun, but Baccarat? You may know it most from movies, James Bond is keen on the game, in many of the old movies you will be able to see him play  Baccarat  instead of Poker or  Blackjack  

What is the goal? Here you can get up to 9 points max. It is played between the player and the Bank. What makes it interesting is that you do not have to be the player,  you the opportunity to choose who you want to place your bet on. You can choose to bet that you will win, or that the  dealer  will win or that there will be a draw. 

When you play Live Baccarat, you get a  dealer  with the baccarat table in front of you. You can chat with the  dealer  and other players, at the bottom of the screen you will get a digital version of the table where you can make your bet.  

Read more about how the point calculation works on our Live-Baccarat article if you want to try your hand at live Baccarat. As with all Norwegian Live Casino games, you have to play for real money, right from the start. So it is wise to try a table game at an  online casino  before you go live. 

Live- Holdèm 

Texas  holdem  is perhaps the most popular poker variant played in the world by 2020. Regular 5-card poker has become a bit off. You only get two cards in your hand here, the rest you have to share with the others who play, or at the live casino  with the  dealer  who represents the “house”. First the three choirs come to the table, then you can bet, then one comes to the card  (turn ), you bet again and get one last card (river). If you play with friends or at a land-based  casino  , you will keep the two cards you get secret, you play against the other  players  and can bluff a bit to win.  

The biggest difference between Texas  holdem  poker at a land-based  casino  and Live-Casino is that you only play against the house via the  dealer , you play at the same time with other players, but can not play against them. This is because you can not get digital cards only you see, all the cards must come from the deck. The dealer  therefore draws cards for you, and the others who play at the same time on the same hand, and shows them. Only you choose how much you want to bet on, you get a better card than the house you win, easily and simply. You can read more about Live Holdem here. As always, you will have to play for real money when you try Live Casino, if you have not played much poker before, you may want to practice a bit first on regular table game versions with video poker. 

For poker lovers,  holdem  at Norwegian live  casinos is  a big favorite, there are also various other poker variants you can play.

Super Sic Bo 

This is a modern variant of an  ancient Chinese dice game . When you play this at a live casino  , the dice are under a glass lid and the bottom shakes for a few seconds to get  a new dice  outcome that gives a prize. The host sits behind and you can talk to him or her, as well as other players on chat. At the bottom of the screen in front of you you will see winning combinations that you can choose to bet money on. If you like dice games, this is a simple and exciting game that you will immediately get the hang of playing. 

Other Live Games 

Do you feel lucky? Do you want a bigger wheel without a ball to play on instead of playing  Roulette . Then you can  play  Dreamcatcher in the best live  casino . Here the host is in the studio with a large wheel behind him, he spins the wheel and you can make your bet on the screen, you get banknotes that indicate the bet value and can click on the desired amount. Here you can also chat with other players who are trying their luck or the host.  

Do you like to play  Monopoly  but not the quarrel with the family that often comes with? Then you can play live Monopoly at Live-Casino. The host who runs the game does not roll dice, but spins a large wheel that determines how much you win. You bet on the numbers you think can win. You can also bet on bonus games that take place on a computer-animated monopoly board. 

Deal  or No  Deal  is a game show that once aired on Norwegian TV with Sturla Berg-Johansen. At the best Norwegian live casino  2020, you can choose to offer from the bank for your suitcase just like the participants on TV. The game takes place a little differently with effort and a wheel, but you have a host and a hostess and lots of suitcases in the studio that send directly to you. Here you get top excitement as known from TV.  

In addition to these three, you will find other live casino  games such as football studio, and new exciting live casino  games are constantly being developed for Norwegian players. Evolution Gaming  is the game developer behind many of the best and most  innovative  live casino  games on the market.  

So how do you play at a Live Casino? 

Now we have told you about how exciting it is to play at a Norwegian live casino  online in 2020. So you may be wondering how you can quickly and easily get started playing.  

It is not very different from what it is to play on other games you can find at the  casino . It takes a lot before you make a mistake on these games, as long as you keep an eye on what’s going on. You choose the bet and watch if you win, or if you want more cards if you play  blackjack  for example.  

Basically, there are only three things you need to do to be able to play at a Live Casino: 

1. Register at the casino 

Deposit money at the casino 

3. Choose which game you want to spend your money on 

Of course, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the rules, conditions and conditions before you start playing. We  GambleGuys  know that this is important to avoid surprises when you start playing or when withdrawing winnings. It should be very easy to find all this on the website of the  casino . There you will also find a FAQ page that answers you to everything you are wondering about. 

You will probably have to play for real money at Live-Casino 2020

We have already mentioned it before when we talked about the different games you can play at Live-Casino. It can still be good to elaborate on why it is not possible to play without real money.  

For those who have played a lot at one casino , know that the  casinos  usually give you the opportunity to try out many of their games completely without it costing you anything. That there are demo versions where you play for play money. Unfortunately, this is not the case when it comes to Live Casino games, you will not find any Norwegian Live casino that offers this.  

Live Casino games are broadcast live on video transmission and must be played for real money, which is why it is not possible to try these games before playing for real.  

If you want to learn the game before you start playing with your own money, then you can always try out the  casino  games if the  online casino  offers it in a variant that is not Live. There will not be many differences from the regular game variant and the Live Casino variant. You will not be able to play, or talk to other players on  a regular table game  variant, but you can at least get to  know the game   

Another opportunity that you have to be able to understand how the game works is to watch as a spectator, where you can see how the other players at the  casino  play before you start playing yourself. So even if you can not actively play yourself, you can observe Live casino  games while they are taking place for real. Since it can be a bit boring to say to yourself, here I would bet, to see that you would win. Can you start playing with small bets to begin with. Just make sure you know the rules of the game first.

Is there a Live Casino bonus? 

As with all the other games that you will find at online casinos, you will be able to get different bonuses as well 

Not everyone has it, but if you read our reviews of the best Norwegian live  casino  , you will definitely find more that offer you a hefty bonus on their live department. 

There are probably no free spins you can get as a bonus here, although there are several live casino  games with a big wheel of fortune. You have to make an effort on them. You can get a match bonus on your first deposit used at live  casino , sometimes at 100% other times at more. It will vary how much you can get match bonus on as well. All this is carefully explained in our reviews. The best place to look for a good Live Casino bonus will probably be our  top  list of the best Norwegian  online casinos  in 2020.  

Sometimes you will have to contact customer service to get the Live-Casino bonus, they can offer all kinds of bonuses, Casino, Odds and Live casino , but have the  casino  department with slot machines and table games as the standard option for your bonus. So you have to say no, or choose inside your profile that you want the bonus on your deposit to be available at the Live-Casino department.  

 To read more about the various Live-Casino games in detail, you can click on an article below, if you feel ready to experience excitement and good mood at the best Norwegian live casino  online. Then you can find one that fits among our  Norwegian  online casino  reviews  

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